Dans Bottom Dwellers

Complete Boat Restorations/Repairs 

We are very excited to have a new website almost finished. this new site will have all your Tutorials to guild you through all your do it yourself projects. they cover detailed information and what  other sites leave out. The helpful tips about the problems that may arise.  Maybe a little glue here first.. or maybe cut this end first to relieve pressure. Nothing kills a project faster then running into a problem you know nothing about.
Small list of videos on the site... carbon fiber (CF) mold making, CF applications and building designs, fiberglass applications, gelcoat applications and color matching and repairs. Color tinting epoxies and  and fills and the list goes on.

So please keep checking back or leave us a note to be notified when dansbottomdwellers.com is up and runninmg. 

Update 1/24/2014  the new website is going well and we have some great new tutorials to get you on your way with confidence. It takes time to edit so please bookmark this page and keep checking back. You will be glad you did.
Thank you      Dan